The Digital Enterprise Office Solution

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Faster customer response

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Boost productivity

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Increase document security

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Increase workload visibility

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Increase environmental sustainability

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Financial sense

Latest news


Dec 22, 2015

• US patent granted

• Worldwide patents pending


Feb 2, 2016

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Seal of excellence award granted by European commission


Feb, 2016

Case study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

How it works


Print it

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Use our special re-usable paper that functions with any laser printer or copier.

Simply load REEP paper into your existing printer and use the paper as you normally would.

When you’re done, you don’t have to file it, scan it, recycle it, or shred it for security.



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Load the used paper into the REEP system: a laser based device the size of a multi-purpose office printer that removes the ink and digitizes the information.

The paper is automatically scanned, converted into a searchable document, securely archived into the cloud, and then it gets completely erased in a closed loop cycle right in the office. Our system removes the toner from all existing laser copiers and printers as well as hand written marks or signatures. And out comes fresh paper ready to re-use.


Reep's digital paper system is foundation for next generation managed print and document services for the digital enterprise

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Faster customer response time

Whether internal departments and staff, or external customers and suppliers, your response times can be reduced from weeks to days or days to hours.

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Boost productivity

Your employees will increase work output without wasting valuable time every time they need to capture, archive and share valuable information - with REEP it's done in a single automated step

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Increase document security

Your valuable information is securely erased on premise without leaving the office. You will never loose a document again.

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Increase status and workload visibility

Your process managers and supervisors can better monitor and increase visibility of status and workloads with REEP, smoothing workloads, and spotting backlogs.

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Save the environment

You won’t feel guilty every time you print something. The REEP solution can reduce the environmental footprint of the office paper lifecycle by up to 90%.

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Financial sense

You can REEP all of the above benefits with an immediate ROI with REEP's Digital Enterprise Office services. In addition, REEP is your partner for continued monitoring and reduction of your office costs by up to 50% - the more you REEP the more you save.

Re-inventing paper as part of the circular economy… re-thinking managed print services for the digital economy…


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